Officer Fanone Letter to GOP House Leadership

Dear Incoming Speaker and Leaders of the US House Majority,

As we approach January 6, 2023 — the two year anniversary of the insurrection — we write to you to express our growing distress over the indisputable escalation of political violence in this country. As American veterans, active duty service members, law enforcement officers, and military family members from all stripes, we share a deep love for our nation and a firm belief that our elected leaders have a duty to improve the lives of all people. We implore you to use your new positions as members of House Leadership to honor our dedication and service to this country by denouncing political violence and holding members of your conference accountable to their oath of office. 

We ask you to respond to this letter and assure the over one thousand undersigned individuals  that you will:

1. Issue a public and unwavering statement condemning political violence in all of its forms;


2. Promise to hold members of your conference accountable for endorsing violence or espousing violent rhetoric towards those who disagree with them politically.

Elected officials should never amplify language or take actions that put the lives of their constituents, their peers, and public servants at risk. However, over the last several years,  incoming members of your conference have called for former Speaker Pelosi’s execution for treason, shared antisemitic messages on Holocaust Remembrance Day, and called it a “normal tourist visit” when violent insurrectionists attacked the Capitol — just to name a few examples.

This dangerous rhetoric has consequences. In recent months, it fueled an armed attack on an FBI office in Ohio, an assassination attempt on the former Speaker of the House and her family, bullets fired at a school board members’ lawn signs, and death threats that led a gay mayor in Oklahoma to quit his job. It is the same rhetoric that emboldened the January 6th rioters who nearly killed Capitol Police officers using a “Blue Lives Matter” flag pole and tasers, and officers who served that day continue to suffer the impact of violent rhetoric and threats on a daily basis. 

Two years later, tens of millions of Americans now believe force is justified to restore Donald Trump to the presidency and politically-motivated attacks are on the rise. These beliefs are being reflected by the votes and stated positions of elected members in your conference: including 147 members of Congress who voted against the results of 2020’s free and fair election, all but 35 House Republicans who voted against the January 6th Commission, and 21 Republican members who voted against Capitol Police officers receiving a presidential medal of freedom.

Earlier this week, members of the House of Representatives took their oath of office. As American veterans, active duty service members, and law enforcement officers, we have each taken an oath to defend this country against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Each person who has signed this letter has served our country in defense of democracy, freedom, and justice for all. Even years after we take off the uniform, that oath still carries weight, and we feel that it is our duty as Americans to continue to uphold it and defend our democracy. That is why it is so outrageous to see elected officials allow the oath and the constitution to be denigrated by those who are only interested in grabbing  power. 

You represent people from across the country and have pledged to serve them no matter their skin color, religious beliefs, political affiliation, economic status, sex, or gender. Whether or not we agree politically, those of us signing this letter look like the Americans you represent.

Leader McCarthy and Republican House leadership, you said you couldn’t “control” the “fringe members” of your party on January 6th, 2021. These members are no longer merely a fringe — they have taken the reins of the Republican House conference, and will have unprecedented influence in the 118th Congress. You have a duty to reject the dangerous rhetoric and action that could lead to further political violence here at home. The communities we represent are demanding action and leadership. Our futures, and our children’s futures, depend on it.


Michael Fanone

Congressional Gold Medal recipient and former Washington, DC police officer injured during the January 6 Capitol insurrection


Lois A. Lommel 

Shelley Abbate 

Robert Adams 

Sarah Adrian 

Terry Akana  

David Van Aken

Dennis Alanen 

Ron Alberty 

Douglas Albrecht 

Gary Albright 

Melody Alexander 

Eugene Alfano 

Jeffrey K. Allen 

Kimberly Allen 

Richard Alloway 

Choky Alvarez 

Bruce Alvers 

Cristina Amarillas 

Joseph Amato 

David Amrod 

Vacilio Anaya 

Thomas Anderson 

John Andreykovic 

Gerald Antich

Kristy Apjoke 

Kenneth Apostol 

Susaan Aram 

Charles Arenson 

Joseph Armstrong 

Robert Aro 

Glory Arroyos 

Moira Ashleigh 

Susanna Askins 

Irene Aylmer 

Laurie Azzoto 

Stu Backstatter 

Matt Badri 

David Bailey 

Stephen Bailey 

Jeffrey Bains 

Barbara Baird 

Susan Balaban 

Melanie Baldi 

Karen Ballard 

Lamar Banks 

Benjamin Barajas, Jr. 

Karen Barbarotto 

Donna Barrett

Anthony Barron 

Beverly A. Barry 

Sheila Barry 

Darnell E. Barsness

Bob Bates

Patrick Beaudry 

Carol Becker 

Joan Beer 

Julie Beer 

Steven Begnoche 

Gayle Bell

Linda Bell 

Marshall Bell 

Ana Belle 

Emilia Bellone

Victor Bencomo

Derek Benedict 

Michelle Benes 

Alan Benford

Woodrow Bennett  

Faith Benson 

Raymond Berrios 

Robert Beverly 

Donald Biehl

Harriet Bing 

Burt Binner

Mimi Biskus 

Paul Blackburn  

Richard Blair 

William Blair 

Glynden Bode 

Colleen Boland

George Bond 

Lauren Bond 

Norm Bonin 

Tracey Bonner 

Ehren Borg

Laurence Boswell

Martin Bouffard 

Cathy Bovey 

Annita Bowman 

Nancy Boyd 

Sandra Brady 

Dianne Bragg 

Jennifer Brandon 

Daniel L. Breen 

Ron Bridges 

Angela Bridgewater 

Roselie Bright

William Briscoe 

Devin Brizendine 

Blaise Brockman 

Geoffrey Brown 

Lawrence Brown

Linda Brown

Lyn Broyles 

John Bryan

Diana M. Brunswig-Bosso 

Kathleen Bryson 

Jean Buchanan Andrews 

Roslynn Budoff 

Tammy Jo Bullock 

Dennis Burdick

Frank Bures

Jeff Burns

Shelley Burton

Lawrence Buszkiewicz

Michael Butler

Terrence Butler

Luc Van Buynder

Leanne Bynum

Charles Byrne

Nick Byrne

Shelley Byrne

Diane Cahill

Andrea Cain

Leslie Calambro

Allan Campbell

Richard Campbell

Ronald Canfield

Ernest Canning

Rick Canning

Kevin Cannon

Roel Cantu

Mark Cappetta

Jered Cargman

Craig Carlson

Dennis L. Carlson

Elizabeth S. Carlson

Jim Carnal

Beth Carpenter

Robert Carreon

Tom Cashman

David Casker

Edward Ellery Castell

Vincent Castellano

Susan Castelli-Hill

LeeAnn Castorena

Margaret Cathey

Jeanine Center

Elizabeth A. Chacich

Douglas Chalmers

Cynthia Chambers

Philip Chapman

Regina Charles

Rutherford Charlot

Melvin D. Cheitlin

Robert Chenoweth

Deborah Lee Chill

Sharon Chilton

Meg Chrisler

David Christman

Phyllis Chu

Robert Clark

Sandra Clark

Jane Clevenger

William Cloninger

Ann Cobb

Terry Cobb

Michael R. Coe 

Dean Colbert

Marleen Colbert 

Jackie Cole

Tracy Lynn Cole

Kelley Coleman-Slack

Matthew Coleman

Stephanie Colet

Andrew Colletto

Belinda Colley

Trevor Combs

Phyllis Comeaux

Kate Considine

Ed Conyers

Carol Cook

Deb H. Cookingham

Thomas Cope

Emanuel Corley

Chris Cormack

Roberta Corona 

Louis Cowen

Joe Cox

Louis Russ Crafton

Stephen Craig

Connie Cranford

Donald Crawford

Jan Crawford

Valerie N. Crawford

William Crosby 

Juan Cuenca

Britni Cuington

Judith Culp

George Cundari

John Curtiss  

Brenden Czech

Richard D’Arezzo

Erik Daarstad

Mali Dahl

Debra Daigneault

Carleen Daly

Ann Marie Damian

Katherine Dander

Eric Daniels

June Davenport

Gamin Davis

Milton Davis

Ryan Davis

James Dawson

Carol Dearborn

Sarah Dearing

Terri Decker

Carol D. Deem

Tony DelGrosso

John DeMeritt

Daryl Denning

Lisa Deville

Natashja Dewolf

Joan DeYoung 

Rey Diego

Phillip Dilley

Patricia Dishman

Alan Dolit

William Donahue

Karen Donaldson

Page Donkle

Virginia Donohue

Anne Dorsey

Jimmy Doty

John Doucette

John Doyle

Kay Drache

Hilary Draper

Joel Drembus

Edward Drinkwater

David Dubin

Norm Dufresne

Judy A Dugan

Barbara Duin

Douglas Dunkle

Christopher Dunn

Bethany Anne Dusenberry

Stephen W. Dutschke

Ruth DuValle

John Dwyer

Marshall Van Dyke

Dr. William Skip Dykoski

Debbie Earley

Steve Easley

Lawrence G. East

Curtis Eaton

Suzi Eberhard

Richard Eckberg

Dan Eckes

Sabrina Eckles

Susan Eckstein

Lynn Eddy

Dawn Ehli

Elizabeth Eisenbeis

Elizabeth Eldridge

Richard Eldridge

Greg Elems

Sofia Elias

Jacqueline Eliopoulos

Jane Ellis

Jennifer Emerle-Sifuentes

Ralph Emerson

Lynda Erickson 

Heather Ervin

Douglas Estes

Chris Evans

Eugene Ansel Evans

Kevin Ewing

Gill Fahrenwald

Rita Fahrner

Lorna Farnum

Ashley Farreny

Craig Farrow

Wendy Fast

Valerie Favazza

Ann Feeney

Arthur Rolland Fellows

Paula C. Fenda

Craig Ferguson

Yvette Fernandez 

Stephen Ferris

Ruth Fichter

Ed Fiedler

Robert Fields

Mary Finch

Jeannie Finlay-Kochanowski

Jim Finley

Milena Fiore

Harris Fishkin

Karen Fisk

Stan Fitzgerald

John Fitzpatrick

John Flagler

Eugene Flannery

Esther Flicek

Thomas Fordham

Hal Forsen

Martin Forster

Suzanne Fossett

Travis Foster

Paul Fox

Tess Fraad

Carrie Frail

Pamela Francis

Merrill Frank

Lynn A. Franks

Ann Friedman

Querido Galdo

Barbara Gale

Dick Gallien

Maria Garcia

Ked Garden

Peggy Garner

Edward Gastel

Tom Gauntt

James Gayther

Richard Gebo

Don Geckle

Carol E. Gentry

Astrid Gerjets

Randy Gerlach

James Gholson

Jay Gilbert

Neil Gilfillan

Eileene Gillson

Victor Gin

John E. Glebs

Tom Glenn

Sharon Glidden

Julie Glover

Irene Gnemi 

Terry P. Gomoll

Avrum Goodie

Dale Goodin

Michael Gordon

Roy Gordon

Hugh Gose

Julianne Gould

Kyle Gracey

Suzann Graf

Leslie Graff

Antonnette Graham

Angela G. Grattan

Robert Green

David Greenfield

Allison Greenlief

Kathy Grieves

John P. Grillo, 

Carol Grimm

Larry Gruis

David Gross

Mark Grzegorzewski

Desiree Guerrero

Steve Guntle

Maxwell Guttman

Paul A. Hagedorn

Edward Haggard

Virginia Hagler

Kelly Hairgrove

Bonnie Hale

Jim Haley

Geoffrey Hall

Johnny Hall

Michael Halloran

Sarah Hamilton

Michael K. Hampu

Edward Handley

Laura Hanks

Charles Happel

Hal Harder

Aram Haroutiounian

Lawrence Harper

Joel Harris

Patricia Harris

Shirlene Harris

Alan Hart

Betty Hart

Jana Harter

Jessica Harvey

Marie Hauke

Nancy Havassy

Kari Hayes

Paul & Kathleen Helbling

Karen Hellwig 

Skyleigh Heinen 

Jerome Henehan

Philip Henke

Michael Herbert

Mary Herk

Birgit Hermann

Sandra L. Herndon

Stephen Herring

Daniel Hicklin

Laurence Hiner

Kevin Hines

David G. Hinkes

Nancy Hinson

Rich Hladky

Phillip Hlavac

William Hoffer

Gene Hoffman

Tom Hogan

Grant Holland

Carol Holler

Garry Holley

Jessica Holman

Richard Holodnak

Bill Holt

Arthur Homewood

John Honor, Jr. 

Jean Hopkins

Linda Howard

Myrell Howardsr

Benjamin Hubbard

Gary Hudson

Leon Huntsman

Russ Hutchins

Fred Huxley

Cornelius Devlin III

Gordon Parker III

Neil Infante

Michael Irick

Andrew Jackson

Sasha Jackson

Harvey Jacobson

Gerard Jameson

Jessica James 

Janice Jamison 

Donna Janovsky

Erv Janssen

Aaron Jasper

Lawrence Jasud

Patricia Jean

Gary Jenneke

Michael Jennis

Pamela Jiranek

George Jivelekas

Allan Johnson

Bettemae Johnson

Charles Johnson

Paul Johnson

Richard Johnson

Peter Jokinen

Gary B. Jones

Jay Jordan

Deborah Jubrey

Janet Juhre

Ronald Juhre

Jolayne Justice

George Kahlandt

Ira Kalmus

Karen Kapes

Arlene Kaplan

Gregory Kapphahn

Larry Karchmar

Robert Kasvinsky

Don Kauffold

Donald Kaufhold

Michael Kavanaugh

Greg Kay

Rebekah Keim

Charlotte Keller

Bryan Kelley

Dorinda Kelley

Cathleen Kelly

Elizabeth D. Kelly

Ervin Kelman

Dawn Kempf

Dawn Kenyon 

James Keough Jr. 

John Ketwig

Charles Key

William Keys

Rilriia Kilurden

Larry Kimball

Bill Kingston

Susan Kirby

John Kirchner

Dave Kisor

Arpad Kiss

Lee Kissinger

Timothy Klucinec

Elena Knox

Mark Knudsen

Isa Kocher

Josef Koeppl

Fred Koster

George Kramer

Dennis Kreiner

Evan Krichevsky

Charley Kuhn 

Susan Kutz

Robert Kyle

Darrell La Lone

James Laliberte  

John Lamb 

Lena Lambert 

Doug Landau

Kenn Lane 

Maryann LaNew

Joel F. Larson

David Lavender 

David A. Lawrence

Harlan Lebo

Dennis Ledden

Christopher Lee

Ricky B. Lee

Virginia Curtis Lee

Howard & Arlene Leiter

Lewis Lenzi

Juan Leopold

Bob Leppo

Elisha Lepucki

Howard Lepzelter

Ron Leurquin

Mark Levin

Michael Lewandowski

Howard Lewis

Jim Lewis

Kaneisha Lewis

Dennis Leyer

Sharon Lieberman

Judith Lienhard 

Nancy Linder

Bill Lindner

Judith Lindquist

George Lloyd

Lakiesha Lloyd 

Linwood Lloyd

Gina LoBiondo

Carole Logan

Leilani Logan

Peter Look

Edgar Lopez

Peggy Lopez

Lanelle Lovelace

John Loventhal

Erma Lowe

David Lucier

Richard Lynch

John Lynn

Kevin Macdonald

Wendy Ann Mackey

Scott MacLeod

d’Anne Y. MacNeil

Stephen MacNish

Ron MacQuarrie

Angelo Madrigale

Michael Magri

Carolyn Maguire

Diane Maldonado

Lilith Maltbie

Louis Marks

David Marlow 

Aaron Marquez 

Camilo R. Marquez

Veronica Marshall

Linda Martin

Mary Martin

Nancy Martin

Linda Martinex

Linda Martinez

Lorraine Martinez

Wil Martinez

Steve Marvin

C.F. Massey

Angela Mastaloudis

James Mather

Peter Matlon

Joyce Mattoon

Carol A. May

Dana May

June Mays

John Mayall

Dan McAllister

Raymond McAneny

Carole McAuliffe

Lawrence McBee

Doreen McCammon

Magge McCann

Harriet McCleary

Susan McClure

Daviann McClurg 

Stan Mccoy

James McConnell

Gary McDonald

Kathleen McHendry

Bob Mckay 

Shirley McKean

Bud McKinley

Larry McLaughlin

Michael McMahan

Marilyn McMullen

Robert B. Medeiros

Richard Mell

Jonathan Melle

Robert Merikangas

John Messer

Bill Metzger

Debra Metzger

Steve Metzger

Ari Meyer

Colonel Meyer

Robert Meyer

John Michalik

Desiree Middleton

  1. Rex Miller

John W. Miller

Judith Miller

Lee Miller

Maria Miller

John Millett

Augusto Millevolte

Richard Minnick

Faith Mishina

JJ Mistretta

Angela Molihan

Angela Montalvo

Peggy J. Moody

Jerry Moore

Linda Moorman

Thomas Mora

Mary More  

David Morell

Dan Morgan

Donald Morgan

Linda Morgan

Peter Morgan

Jeffery Morgenthaler

Fred Morrison

Kerry Morrison

Jorge Morros

Jack Mortenson

Jack Andrew Morton

Mike Morucci

Moises Motalvo

Tara Mudry

Karl Mueller

James Mulcare

Billee D. Mundorff

Elena Muñoz-Rodriguez

Steve Muratore

Dacia Murphy

Thomas Murray

Tracy Musgrove

Michelene Mychel

Wanda Myers

Joseph Nadeau

Mark Nadel

Gerald J. Nadreau

Phyllis Naffziger

Dennis Nagel

Jeff Nein

Margaret Nelson

Peter Nelson

Paul Netusil

Taffi Newhouser

Robert Newman

Thomas Newton  

Martha Nickson

Dianne Noblett

Eric Noderer

Darrell Noel

Blaine Nowak

Thomas Nulty

Denise Nutt

Annie O’Brien

Kerri O’Connell

Bob O’Neil

Stephen O’Neill

Lynn O’Shea

Leonard Obert

Linda D. Obetts

Kevin O’Halloran

Michele Ohmes

Jacqueline Okoh

Lori Olcott

Signa Oliver

Abraham Omorenimwen

Kathy Oppenhuizen

John Ordway

Gordon Oreskovich

Kevin John O’Rourke

Victor Ortega

Susan Osada

Marge Othrow

Constance Otten

Laurence Overmire 

Lawrence Owen

Bruce Painter

Jessica Palenchar

Paul Palla

Marco M. Pardi

Edward Parrales

General Parton

Tony Pascarella

Marilyn Patterson

Chester Payne

Rex Payne

Susan Peirce

Peter Pelayic

Carol A. Peluso

Rick Penquite

Dominic Percopo

David Perkins

Sally Perkins

Erik Peterson 

Janet Peterson 

Vic Peterson 

Saundra Petrella

Don Pew

Charles Phillips

John T. Phillips

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Jawara Pittman

Kelly Place

Raymond Plasse

Kathy Plourde

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Norman Du Pont

Lynn Pooley

Nancy Pooley

Bob Prescott  

Nora Privitera

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A.R. Puccio

Nicole Punday

Julie Putney

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Steve Racchini

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Tara Rainson

Rachel Rakaczky

Mary Lou Ramirez

Emily Randles

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Ralph Rauscher

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JoAnna M. Redman-Smith

James Rees 

Mykel Reese

Edward Reichman

Alan Rein

Edward Rengers

  1. Carlene Reuscher

Lisa-May Reynolds

Kate Richman

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Ingrid Rochester

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Rigel Rohr

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Art Rosenberg

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Isadore Rosenthal

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Laurie Rowan

David Ruffner  

Donald Rumph

Christie Ruppel

William Ryerson  

Garth Saalfield

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Deborah Santone

Thomas Sarelas

Albert Sargis

Michelle D. Sarnoski

Diana Saxon

Joe Scarpaci

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Erica Schmitt

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Terrance Schrammen

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Dwayne G. Schultz  

Richard Schwarze

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Naveed Shah

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Maureen Sheahan

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Michael Sileno

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Cathy Sleva

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Barbara D. Smith

Brenda Lee Smith 

Debra Smith 

Karl Smith 

Kevin Smith  

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Nan Stevenson 

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Tara Strand

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