Ian Horowitz

This is a portrait of Ian Horowitz.

Ian Horowitz

Ian Horowtiz is an accomplished Telecom Executive with extensive experience in developing and commercializing fiber infrastructure assets across North America to reach Carriers, Universities, Cell Towers, Poles, Enterprise Customers, Data Centers. In this role, he advocates for bringing internet services to the unserved and underserved communities across the country. He also dedicates to speaking out and standing up against anti-Semitism, for veterans, and holding people accountable for the abuse and negligence within nursing homes and Veterans Affairs. All of these efforts are woven together in a common purpose of ensuring our politicians are working for the people and not their own agendas. Ian believes we must make sure laws are in place to protect people from hatred, negligence and oversight in place for our communities. That is why he is a part of the Courage for America Council. To fight for a better America.

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