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Tell Speaker McCarthy: Vote to Expel Congressman George Santos

Official Portrait of George Santos in black and white.

The Honorable Kevin McCarthy
Speaker of the House
H-204, The Capitol
Washington, DC 20515

Speaker McCarthy:

We, the constituents and community leaders of New York’s 3rd Congressional District, deserve proper representation built on trust – not lies, deceit, and likely fraud. Congressman George Santos exploited the identity of our district and intentionally manufactured lies in order to deceive the public into supporting him. This moral corruption necessitates immediate action. We still do not know who George Santos is, or even if he meets some of the basic requirements to be elected to Congress.

So far, we have learned that:

  • • He does not live where he says he lives.
  • • He did not work at Citigroup and Goldman Sachs.
  • • He did not attend Baruch College or New York University.
  • • He did not run an animal rescue group registered as a charity.
  • • His employees were not murdered at the Pulse nightclub shooting.
  • • His grandparents were not Jewish, nor Holocaust refugees.
  • • His mother was not killed in 9/11.

Leaders throughout our community have called for George Santos to be held accountable for his lies, including elected officials from your own party. As the Speaker of the House, it is up to you to set the standard of acceptable behavior, preserve the dignity of the House of Representatives, and prioritize democracy over party politics.

We respectfully ask that you hold a vote to expel George Santos from Congress. By gutting the Ethics Committee and assigning Santos to two Congressional committees, you have enabled and allowed his abuse of democracy. Thus, George Santos must be tried by a jury of his peers with a vote in the House of Representatives. Our community, and country, deserve better.

Constituents and Leaders of New York’s 3rd Congressional District

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