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Our Work

We are intentional about uplifting our most vulnerable communities and sharing impactful narratives through our partnerships and campaigns. This work includes local and national activations that center the voices of veterans, seniors, and working families.

State of the Union 2024

Preceding the State of the Union on March 7th, 2024, eight Courage for America creators from across the country conducted 67 interviews with 33 members of Congress in the U.S. Capitol, asking them questions about extremism, fair elections, political violence, and more. The creators all specialize in different content genres, styles, and platforms with a combined reach of 19 million followers. The creators came to D.C. with a common purpose of meeting our elected officials and discussing how young people can make a difference in politics.

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Not On Our Watch 2024

On the third anniversary of the January 6, 2021 insurrection, Courage for America launched the “Not On Our Watch” 2024 campaign to bring awareness to political violence and the aftermath of January 6th.

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Back Off Our Benefits – Day of Action

With another government shutdown deadline looming, Courage for America held the “Back Off Our Benefits Day of Action,” hosting two food drives in Scottsdale, AZ and Omaha, NE and adding support to a rally in Long Island, NY.

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Stop the MAGA Shutdown – Lobby Day

Leading up to the expected government shutdown at the end of September 2023, Courage for America tapped 9 creators to ask their audiences to sign a petition to call on Congress to stop the MAGA shutdown. Over 115,000 people signed that petition.

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MAGA’s Fault If We Default – Lobby Day

Courage for America was joined by key members of House Democratic leadership, creators, and constituents to demand that the MAGA House answer for threatening a default unless Congress slashes critical health care, veterans’ benefits, law enforcement, and education funding.

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Back Off Our Benefits Bus Tour

From March 30 to April 17, 2023, Courage for America’s Back Off Our Benefits national bus tour traversed the country, stopping in 13 House districts to urge Speaker McCarthy and the MAGA House to not cut essential programs like Social Security, Medicare, SNAP, and veterans’ benefits.

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Expel Santos

We partnered with Concerned Citizens of NY-03 to condemn George Santos’ lies and urge Speaker McCarthy to hold a vote to expel him from Congress. Constituents were eager to voice their outrage and disapproval over their under-qualified and dishonest representation.

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Not On Our Watch

The two-year anniversary of the January 6th insurrection marked the launch of our first national activation with veterans, officers, and Americans across the country who were distressed over the growing escalation of political violence. They called on Republican House leaders to put an end to political violence and hold their members accountable.

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House Republicans are not working for us.

Taking away our rights and freedoms

Instead of working for us, House Republicans are busy taking away rights and freedoms Americans value.

Promoting conspiracy theories and election lies

Instead of working for us, House Republicans are busy promoting conspiracy theories, sham investigations, and election lies to hold onto power.

Helping billionaires, not working families

Instead of working for us, House Republicans are busy padding the wallets of greedy corporations and their billionaire donors at the expense of working families.