People’s Council

The People’s House must represent and serve the people — not corporations and special interests.

MAGA extremists have already pledged to use the “People’s House” as the arena for a political circus that will ultimately undermine our democracy, harm our economy, and take away our communities’ core rights and freedoms  — all in the pursuit of power. 

That’s why we, the people, are pushing back. Courage For America —  advised by a people-first Council of proud Americans, including veterans, educators, faith leaders, and community leaders from across the country — is a campaign designed to counteract, delegitimize, and shift the narrative around MAGA extremists’ sham-investigations, anti-democratic antics, fake scandals, and more. Together, we will hold them accountable so we can get back to the issues our communities care about. 

We demand the House of Representatives work for us, not play politics with our country. Will you join us?

Our Council

Sgt Aquilino Gonell

Sergeant Gonell is a former Capitol Police Officer and immigrant from the Dominican Republic who risked his life defending the Capitol on January 6th, 2021.

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This is a portrait of Don Foote.
Don Foote

Don Foote is a Navy veteran living in Austin, Texas.

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This is a portrait of Danielle Hindieh.

Danielle Hindieh is a native New Yorker and a first generation American. She taught in public and private schools for 15 years before making a career change.

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This is a portrait of Peter Lucier.

Peter Lucier is a law school graduate and Marine Corps veteran living in St. Louis, Missouri.

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This is a portrait of Michael Fanone.
Michael Fanone

Michael Fanone is an American law enforcement analyst and former Metropolitan Police Department officer who was severely injured while defending the Capitol against insurrectionists on January 6th, 2021.

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This is a portrait of Carolyn Foote.

Carolyn Foote is a retired 39 year Texas educator and is a former teacher and librarian.

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This is a portrait of Reverend Cathy Clardy Patterson.
Reverend Dr. Cathy
Clardy Patterson

Rev. Dr. Cathy Clardy Patterson has an extensive career spanning law, finance, and ministerial roles.

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This is a portrait of Steven Kling.

Steven Kling is a graduate of Texas A&M University and former Captain in the United States Army.

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This is a portrait of Ian Horowitz.

Ian Horowtiz is an accomplished Telecom Executive with extensive experience in developing and commercializing fiber infrastructure assets across North America to reach Carriers, Universities, Cell Towers, Poles, Enterprise Customers, Data Centers.

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This is a portrait of Leah Cheston.
Leah Cheston

Leah Cheston is a small business owner in Washington, DC.

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This is a portrait of Syanne Centeno-Bloom.
Syanne Centeno-Bloom

Syanne Centeno-Bloom is more than just a model; she’s a voice. As a leading disability rights activist, political science scholar, and sought-after professional model, Syanne consistently challenges societal norms.

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This is a portrait of Naveed Shah.
Naveed Shah

Naveed is a Veteran of the U.S. Army and Operation Iraqi Freedom, from Springfield, Va.

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This is a portrait of Khiana Brown.
Khiana Brown

Khiana Brown is a mother of two and lives in North Carolina. She works closely with young moms and moms that are trying to get on the right track.

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