Default On America Act

What’s happening?

The Default On America Act protects tax breaks for billionaires and corporations, including those that ship American jobs overseas – while making large cuts to border security, law enforcement, and essential benefits for seniors, veterans, and children.

If Members of Congress insist on these cuts, we may end up with the federal government defaulting on its debts, which would mean:

  • Disruption to Social Security and Medicare payments;
  • Higher interest rates on items like credit cards, car loans, and mortgage rates.

What cuts are being proposed?

Law Enforcement

Endangers public safety, cutting funding for over 2,000 Customs and Border Protection Agents, 11,000 FBI personnel, and hundreds of local law enforcement positions.

Veterans' Medical Care

Cut veterans medical care – eliminating 30 million fewer outpatient visits.

Public Safety

Hurt public safety – with 1,000 fewer rail safety inspections, 30,000 fewer miles of track inspected annually, and shutting down 125 air traffic control towers.

Childrens' Education

Hurts our children’s education, eliminating Pell Grants for 80,000 students, causing 300,000 kids to lose access to Headstart and child care, and eliminating 108,000 teachers impacting over 32 million kids.

Manufacturing Jobs

Sends good-paying American manufacturing jobs overseas by repealing clean energy investments from the Inflation Reduction Act.

Health Care

Cuts Medicaid for 2 million people.

Energy Prices

Increase energy bills & raise taxes on working families.

Access to Housing

Evicts hundreds of thousands of families, older adults, veterans and people with disabilities from Section 8 housing and cuts rental assistance.

Food Assistance

Takes away food assistance from more than one million seniors and 1.2 million women, babies, and children.

Community Health Centers

Takes away health care access for 2 million people via community health centers, disproportionately impacting rural areas.

How would these cuts impact you and your family?