MAGA Shutdown: Extreme and Dangerous

Extremists are calling the shots in the U.S. House of Representatives. They’ve taken total control.

MAGA Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene are threatening to shut down the government in order to force Congress to pass extreme abortion bans and take away funding for safe drinking water, children’s cancer research and the Social Security Administration.

A MAGA shutdown would be disastrous for millions of Americans, especially working families, veterans, children and seniors who could face delays to critical benefits.

Most Extreme MAGA Demands:

  • Strip support for nutrition assistance to children and vulnerable families like the SNAP program – specifically slashing access to fruit and vegetables.
  • Cut funding for the administration of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid – potentially doubling wait times for seniors, families, and people with disabilities to access their benefits. 
  • Slash funding to K-12 education, firing 200,000 teachers, aides and other school professionals and impacting 26 million students; eliminating access to early childhood education for over 50,000 children through cuts to Head Start. 
  • Cutting billions in life-saving medical research for children, cancer patients, and maternal health research through NIH and the National Cancer Institute.
  • Restrict abortion access, including for veterans and active military, and limit access to the abortion medication mifepristone.
  • Cut funding for rural broadband by 23%.
  • Cut funding for local and federal law enforcement, including FBI and federal prosecutors; cuts Byrne grants; and cuts to Missing and Exploited Children Program. 
  • Slash funding to provide safe and clean drinking water and to protect children from lead poisoning.
  • Eliminate funding for election security grants and prohibit voter registration programs, making elections less safe and making it harder to vote.
  • Cut funding for housing assistance programs for low-income and rural families, opening the door for evictions during the holiday season.
  • Allow discrimination against LGBTQ people, including same-sex marriage and eliminating the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act grants.
  • Eliminates crucial job training programs for seniors, young people, and adults struggling to find employment, and eliminates the federal work study program, which allows low-income students to work their way through college.

Help us stop the MAGA Shutdown