Courage for America Calls for House Vote to Expel Santos Amid Legal Questions Regarding Campaign Contributions

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Yesterday, after Speaker Kevin McCarthy told reporters that if the House Ethics Committee found that GOP Congressman George Santos (NY-03) broke the law that Republicans will then remove him from his committee assignments, new questions were raised about potentially illegal contributions to Santos’ campaign.

As reported in The New York Times, leading elections lawyer Brett G. Kappel said that if the candidate’s personal wealth wasn’t the source of the loan, “the only other permissible source would be a bank, and they would require collateral for a loan of this size. If a bank wasn’t the source of the funds, then the only alternatives are illegal sources.”

In response, grassroots organizer Casey Sabella — who has been working on the ground in New York’s third congressional district to hold Santos accountable — issued the following statement on behalf of Courage for America:

“George Santos is a liar, a cheat, and a fraud. Each day we learn new details about his blatant misconduct and fraudulent behavior, and each day it’s becoming increasingly clear that he is incapable of serving the people of NY-03. Whether I meet voters in diners, barbershops, or on the street, the people of NY-03 are disgusted with George Santos and hope his days in Congress are numbered.

“Speaker McCarthy and Republican leadership have a responsibility to swiftly and thoroughly investigate Santos’ lies and corruption, and they must hold him accountable for all of his wrongdoing — including likely crimes — by voting to expel him from Congress.”

Additional Background:

Courage for America and Unrig Our Economy have worked alongside elected officials, faith leaders, small businesses, community organizations, and constituents to demand that Speaker McCarthy immediately launch a House Ethics Committee investigation into Santos’ misconduct and vote to expel Santos from Congress — including protesting outside Santos’ district office in Queens and rallying on the steps of the Nassau County Courthouse.

More than 1,000 constituents in NY-03 have also signed an open letter to Speaker McCarthy led by Courage for America urging Congress to investigate and expel Santos.

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