Courage for America Celebrates Juneteenth and Recommits to Fighting for an Inclusive Democracy for Black Americans

“We must ensure that Black and brown people have an equitable opportunity to engage in our nation’s sacred democratic process..” 

WASHINGTON, D.C — Today, Courage for America released the following statement commemorating Juneteenth, the end of slavery in the United States. Juneteenth is a monumental day in our nation’s history that is inherently tied to the history of democracy in the United States. As the country celebrates this important day, Courage for America remains committed to ensuring Black Americans nationwide reap the benefits of an inclusive democracy.

“Juneteenth is not only a time to celebrate the abolition of slavery in the United States but also a time for all of us to reaffirm and renew our commitment to addressing the systemic oppression African Americans across the country have experienced within our democracy,” said Reverend Dr. Cathy Clardy Patterson, Courage for America councilmember. “As extremist politicians continue to spread lies about our elections and disenfranchise the African American community, our country is at a crossroads. In the face of many anti-democratic efforts ranging from voter suppression to the inequities embedded in our justice system, we cannot afford to waver in our fight to address systemic racism and fortify our democracy. We must ensure that Black and brown people have an equitable opportunity to engage in our nation’s sacred democratic process. So, on this day, let us commit to securing our democracy, as it is imperative for true Black liberation.”


“On Juneteenth, we commemorate the end of slavery in our country and recognize its legacy on our democracy. It’s a day to celebrate and reflect on the strength of those who came before us and recommit towards fighting for Black Americans’ full inclusion into American democracy,” said José Morales Jr., spokesperson for Courage for America. “Congress has a responsibility to reject the extremist forces that use violence and voter suppression that dishonor the legacy of this holiday. Our Council continues to call on Congress to use its power for the continued empowerment of Black Americans in a vibrant democracy. While I’m proud of the progress we’ve made, there is still immeasurable work that must be done to continue to engrain equity, stop political violence, and protect our democracy.”