Courage for America Launches Ads to Avert a MAGA Shutdown; Features Social Media Influencer for First Time

Targets Americans under age 35 in AZ-01, AZ-02, CO-02, FL-01, NC-09, NE-02, NY-04 and NY-21

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Courage for America launched a new ad campaign that holds Congressional Republicans responsible for threatening a MAGA shutdown in order to pursue their extreme agenda, including cuts to critical food programs like SNAP, just days before the Thanksgiving holiday. The ad features social media influencer Syanne Centeno, a disabled Afro-Indigenous Latina activist who participated in Courage for America’s lobby day earlier this year.

This is the first time a digital influencer will be featured in a Courage for America ad, and reflects Courage for America’s goal of reaching young Americans where they are, with voices that reflect their own.

The digital ads, which will target Americans under the age of 35, call on House Republicans to avert a government shutdown and stop threatening to cut food assistance programs like SNAP and WIC. The ad will run throughout the week of November 13 in the districts of eight extreme House Republicans:

  • Rep. Bacon (NE-02)
  • Rep. Boebert (CO-03)
  • Rep. Crane (AZ-02)
  • Rep. D’Esposito (NY-04)
  • Rep. Gaetz (FL-01)
  • Rep. Hudson (NC-09)
  • Rep. Schweikert (AZ-01)
  • Rep. Stefanik (NY-21)

“It’s unfathomable that as we approach the holiday season, Speaker Mike Johnson and extreme MAGA Republicans are threatening to shut down the government unless they are able to cut programs that ensure moms and kids have food on the table,” said José Morales, Jr., spokesperson for Courage for America. “While Speaker Johnson and extreme MAGA Republicans push to make basic things like food harder to afford, it’s imperative young Americans’ voices are heard loud and clear as decisions are made about their lives. That’s why we are meeting young Americans on the platforms they use via the voices they trust to deliver a clear message: call on Congress to reject MAGA extremism once and for all.”

WATCH: “Hungry for the Holidays


Hey guys, if you’re like me, you’re preparing for the holidays – a time to be with loved ones at the dinner table. 

Meanwhile, MAGA extremists are threatening to shut down the government if they don’t get cuts to things like food programs for moms and kids.

Join me in calling on Congress to back off our benefits and stop the MAGA shutdown.



  • In September 2023, extreme House Republicans voted for the Agriculture-FDA appropriations bill, which would cut $32 billion in SNAP funding and cut WIC by $800 million.
  • In September 2023, extreme House Republicans voted for the continuing resolution that would have taken away food assistance from moms, kids, and seniors.
  • In April 2023, extreme House Republicans voted for the Default on America Act (Limit, Save, Grow Act of 2023), which would have made changes to SNAP that would lead to 275,000 people losing benefits in an average month, and 19,000 seeing reduced monthly benefits.