Courage for America Launches Six-Figure Ad Campaign to Stop a MAGA Shutdown, Targets Over a Dozen Extreme House Republicans

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Courage for America launched a new ad campaign to stop a MAGA shutdown that would impact millions of Americans, especially working families, our troops, veterans and seniors. The six-figure campaign will run through September 30 and includes digital ads in Washington, D.C. and Good Morning America TV ads in the districts of over a dozen extreme House Republicans:

  • Lauren Boebert (CO-03)
  • Ken Calvert (CA-41)
  • Eli Crane (AZ-02)
  • Anthony D’Esposito (NY-04)
  • Matt Gaetz (FL-01)
  • Mike Garcia (CA-02)
  • Richard Hudson (NC-09)
  • Marc Molinaro (NY-19)
  • Barry Moore (AL-02)
  • David Schweikert (AZ-01)
  • Jason Smith (MO-08)
  • Elise Stefanik (NY-21)
  • Scott Perry (PA-10)

WATCH: “Threats” (Matt Gaetz)

“MAGA extremists like Marjorie Taylor Greene are willing to shut down the government unless they get additional extreme abortion bans and cuts to safe drinking water programs, children’s cancer research and the Social Security Administration. Enough is enough – it’s time these extremists are stopped,” said José Morales, Jr., spokesperson for Courage for America. “The MAGA agenda would harm millions of Americans for generations to come and deal a devastating blow to our democracy. It’s up to all of us to ensure their extreme, dark vision for America is never realized.”

TRANSCRIPT of “Threats” (Matt Gaetz):

A government shutdown looms

MAGA Extremists like Marjorie Taylor Green and Matt Gaetz have taken control

Our way of life, threatened

[Reporter] “You are willing to risk a government shutdown if your demands aren’t met?”

Extreme national abortion bans

Access to Social Security cut

Funding for safe drinking water slashed

[MTG] “Well let’s talk about a government shutdown… if the government shuts down that’s no threat”

MAGA extremism is the threat 

Say no to a government shutdown


About Courage for America:

Courage For America is a campaign advised by a council of proud Americans speaking out against an extreme MAGA agenda that puts money and power over the rights and freedoms of the American people. The campaign is amplifying the voices of Americans in communities across the country — veterans, educators, faith leaders, and more — to demand the People’s House works for the people.