Courage for America Launches TV Ad Slamming Rep. Kiggans (VA-02) For Threatening Default In Order To Cut Veterans’ Care

Ad Starts Running on May 16th in Norfolk-Virginia Beach Media Market Featuring Veteran Constituent

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Courage for America released a new TV ad in VA-02 calling out Rep. Jennifer Kiggans (VA-02) for voting for the MAGA Default on America Act, which threatens to force a default on our nation’s debt unless devastating cuts to veterans are enacted. The ad launch is part of a broader 7-figure spend by Courage for America to educate communities about the impact of the MAGA-led effort to force a national default.

In the ad, Nancy, a constituent of Rep. Kiggans and retired Coast Guard veteran based in Chesapeake, VA, calls out Kiggans for supporting McCarthy’s Default on America Act, which would slash VA medical benefits, cut nearly 81,000 VA health service jobs, cut housing voucher programs for veterans that prevent homelessness, and more.

In the coming weeks, Courage for America will host a national “Your Fault if We Default” lobby day in DC, bringing constituents from VA-02, NY-19, NY-22, CA-13, and other Republican-held districts to the Capitol to host a press conference and meet with members of Congress. Courage for America is also partnering with Indivisible on constituent-led events in NY-19, NY-22, and VA-02.  

“Speaker McCarthy and his MAGA enablers in Congress are using this default crisis as an opportunity to make devastating cuts to veterans’ health care, education, child care, opioids treatment, and more,” said Naveed Shah, Courage for America spokesperson and political director for Common Defense. “Veterans like Nancy, who have sacrificed immensely to serve their country, deserve better than Rep. Kiggans’ plan to protect taxpayer giveaways to billionaires and corporations while cutting funding for service members.”

To speak with a Courage for America spokesperson or learn more about coordinated efforts to hold the MAGA House accountable on the default crisis, please email [email protected].