Courage for America Letter to Democratic Leadership Expressing Support for Combatting the Big Lie Bill

The Honorable Charles E. Schumer 

Majority Leader

322 Hart Senate Office Building 

Washington, DC  20510


The Honorable Hakeem S. Jeffries 

Democratic Leader

2433 Rayburn House Office Building 

Washington, DC  20515


Courage for America Letter to Democratic Leadership 

Expressing Support for Combatting the Big Lie Bill 


Dear Senate Majority Leader Schumer and House Democratic Leader Jeffries, 

As Republican elected officials across the country continue their efforts to undermine our democracy, we write to you to express our strong support in your efforts to combat the Big Lie bill currently known as the American Confidence in Elections (ACE) Act. 

As veterans, community leaders, educators, and members of working families from across the country, we all share a deep respect for our democracy and the freedoms we’ve fought for. Equally, we are appalled by the blatant disregard for voting rights protections by your Republican counterparts. 

The extremist majority has made a frighteningly anti-democratic choice: more power for the wealthy and the few and less representation for us and our families. We cannot let MAGA extremists continue to sink their claws into our elections. We cannot allow them to let the intimidation of our elections run free. We cannot let them decide to overturn election results simply because they didn’t win. We watched with dismay on Thursday, July 13 as the entire Republican membership of the Committee on House Administration voted against recognizing that President Joe Biden won the 2020 election. The ACE Act is an affront to all of us who have fought for a democracy that has the people– not the powerful– at its core. 

Those of us signing this letter come from different backgrounds and all different walks of life  and places on the ideological spectrum. But we stand united on this truth: voting is a fundamental right, voting should be easily accessible to everyone, and our elected officials should fight for a democracy that protects us from intimidation at the ballot box. MAGA extremists have taken over the House with this misguided step away from democracy known as the ACE Act, but we are undeterred. The Big Lie Bill is nowhere near as big as our dedication to a vibrant and diverse democracy.

In the face of such an extreme departure from democracy, we are so thankful for your leadership in bringing forth legislation that expands and protects our elections. Our Council, our country, and our democracy are depending on you– and you can count on our help.


Courage for America Councilmembers


Ian Horowitz

Wes Davis

Randy Brockway

Michael Fanone

Danielle Hindieh 


Peggy Bilsten