Courage for America on the Debt Ceiling Bill: We Won’t Forget That Republicans Stood With McCarthy’s Default on America Act

MAGA Republicans Pushed the US to the Brink of Disaster. Constituents Won’t Forget Who Chose Extremism Over Communities. 

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Laura Packard, Courage for America spokesperson and executive director of Health Care Voter, released the following statement in response to the passage of the Debt Ceiling Bill:

“This week, the country was spared a devastating economic crisis that was forced upon the U.S. by MAGA Republicans. The impossible choice that McCarthy’s Default on America Act laid out – face extreme cuts to hard-earned benefits and critical services or push the country into an unprecedented default – was avoided only because of the hard work of those representing the interests of their constituents rather than playing politics with them.

“The extremism of every Republican who voted for the Default on America Act and chose to play politics with Americans’ livelihoods will not be swept under the rug just because disaster was avoided by the skin of our teeth. MAGA Republicans showed their true colors when they stood by McCarthy’s plans to tank our country’s economy to secure devastating cuts to Social Security, health care, and veteran benefits. Constituents will hold these Republicans accountable.”

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