Courage for America Releases New Ad Warning MAGA Republicans That Their Support for Extreme Default on America Act Won’t Be Forgotten

Ad Marks Start of New Campaign to Hold MAGA House Accountable For The Cuts to Hard-Earned Benefits They Voted For

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Courage for America released a new digital ad campaign warning four vulnerable MAGA House Republicans that their votes for the Default on America Act and their role in bringing the country close to a default will not be forgotten.

The ad, which targets Rep. John Duarte (CA-13), Rep. Jennifer Kiggans (VA-02), Rep. Marc Molinaro (NY-19), and Rep. Brandon Williams (NY-22), calls out these Republicans for their blatant disregard for the country’s economic future and callous willingness to cut funding for veterans’ benefits, law enforcement, and education. The ad campaign marks the start of a new focus by Courage for America to hold House Republicans accountable and ensure no constituents forget the devastating outcomes their Republican representative supported.

The ad’s onscreen text reads:
McCarthy and MAGA Republicans voted for cuts.
Cuts to veterans’ benefits, law enforcement, and education
And though President Biden stopped them
We will not forget that they chose billionaires and corporations over hard working Americans.
Tell MAGA Republicans we won’t forget.

“America avoided a catastrophic default forced upon us by MAGA Republicans only by the skin of our teeth. Republicans in the House knowingly created an impossible choice: accept their devastating cuts to veterans’ healthcare and Medicaid or accept an unprecedented default that would disrupt Social Security and Medicare. Their willingness to hurt American families in order to jam through their extreme agenda cannot be swept under the rug just because their plan was thwarted at the last minute by President Biden riding to the rescue.” said Zac Petkanas, senior advisor to the House Accountability War Room. “We have only just begun ensuring Americans never forget the veterans, police, and seniors that House Republicans tried to throw under the bus.”

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