ICYMI: MAGA’s Big Lie Bill Passed Through Committee, Going to a Full House Vote

Sponsor Rep. Bryan Steil: “The most conservative election integrity bill to be seriously considered in the House in over 20 years.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Over the past couple of weeks, MAGA Republicans have introduced and passed through committee a draconian anti-democratic bill aimed at intimidating voters and stealing elections. Now, the bill will receive a full vote in the House of Representatives. The MAGA Republican bill is extreme: refusing to acknowledge that Donald Trump lost the 2020 election and protecting undemocratic gerrymanders. All while intimidating and disenfranchising voters. The MAGA voter intimidation act would make it harder for Americans to vote by risking access to same day voter registration options and ballot drop boxes.

“Time and again, MAGA Republicans prove they’re willing to step on working Americans to maintain their grip on power,” said José Morales, Jr., spokesperson for Courage for America. “This bill is dangerous and only serves to entrench MAGA extremists’ hold on power so they can continue to ignore the majority of Americans who want to see voting to be safer and easier, not harder. Courage for America will fight back against this bill every step of the way.”

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