ICYMI: Rep. Joe Morelle shows MAGA Republicans are using their latest Big Lie bill for another insurrection

“We have been here before. We cannot ignore the potential for another January 6.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Rep. Joe Morelle (NY-25), the Ranking Member of the House Administration Committee, published an op-ed in The Hill, laying out how MAGA Republicans have begun to lay the foundation for another January 6th. This important warning comes as the committee held a hearing regarding MAGA Republicans’ bogus, unnecessary Big Lie Bill targeting non-citizens. It is a blatant attempt to advance an extreme anti-democratic agenda ahead of this year’s elections.

According to Rep. Morelle, “We are watching the same cast of characters performing from the same script. In 2020, MAGA extremists made false claims that the election was fraudulent and stolen, a carefully crafted narrative that many of our House Majority colleagues participated in. Speaker Mike Johnson even tried to disenfranchise millions of Americans by leading an amicus brief to overturn the free, fair and secure 2020 election.”

“Now, the former president and his allies in the House are doubling down on their efforts to undermine the sanctity of our elections, with the false claim that millions of noncitizens are voting in our federal elections.”

“Here’s the part they’re not saying out loud: Speaker Johnson and House Republicans are not actually concerned about noncitizens voting in federal elections. They admit they have no evidence to back up their claims. Their real ambition is to lay the groundwork for blame and obfuscation to do violence to the Constitution and deny the people their say in the outcome of this election.”

“We have been here before. We cannot ignore the potential for another January 6…When tomorrow’s historians write about Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2024 election — and they surely will — they will eviscerate the Speaker’s insidious bill and they will condemn the pitiful actions of House Republican apologists. The record will be clear, and the verdict of history will be harsh.“

To view the full op-ed, click HERE.