ICYMI: Sergeant Aquilino Gonell Calls for Congress to Protect Democracy from MAGA Extremism, Speaks Amidst Trump’s Visit to the U.S. Capitol

WASHINGTON, D.C — Over the weekend, Courage for America Councilmember Sergeant Aquilino Gonell, who was seriously injured defending the Capitol on January 6th, spoke with Juan Carlos López of CNN Español and Jason Johnson of MSNBC to denounce MAGA House Republicans meeting with former President Donald Trump for the first time since Jan. 6th. Sgt. Gonell is calling on Congress to fulfill their duties to protect our democracy from MAGA extremism and political violence. Below are highlights from both interviews: 

CNN Español, Juan Carlos López for DirectoUSA 

“Many of those elected officials who today are receiving him with open arms, that day they were running because they feared the danger that the mob represented and they knew that the mob had been incited and ordered by the former president. And now, instead of refusing him, they are embracing and adoring him. It is something that for me is a betrayal to our country’s loyalty and the sacrifices that our officers made.” 

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MSNBC, Jason Johnson for All In with Chris Hayes

“Unfortunately we can’t depend on the Republican elected officials any longer to defend the Constitution or the democracy because they only have fealty for one person, and that person is Donald Trump.” 

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