In Voting to Protect Santos, MAGA Republicans Put Partisan Agenda Over Duty to Country

NY Republicans Fall In Line Behind McCarthy to Protect Santos 

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, House Republicans voted in favor of shielding federally-indicted Congressman George Santos (NY-03) from expulsion, putting the political power of their party over the best interests of Santos’s constituents and the country. Speaker Kevin McCarthy and his fellow House Republicans — including every one of Santos’s fellow New York Republicans —  voted for the House Ethics Committee to assume responsibility for Santos’s case, deflecting responsibility and depriving the people of NY-03 of real representation.

“Speaker McCarthy’s choice to shield Rep. Santos from expulsion is a cynical move to retain the votes his fragile majority needs to jam through extreme MAGA agenda items like gutting Medicaid and veterans’ benefits,” said Danielle Hindieh, Courage for America councilmember and Santos constituent. “The constituents of NY-03 have been calling for Speaker McCarthy to hold a vote to expel Santos for months now. His decision to protect Santos, who has admitted to lying to his voters and constituents, is an affront to those of us who are left without real representation in Washington.”

Courage for America has been involved in the fight to hold Santos accountable since December. Our actions have included:

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