Michael Fanone Statement on Speaker-Designate Jim Jordan

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, former DC Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone released the following statement on Jim Jordan’s candidacy for Speaker of the House. Fanone is a Courage for America council member and former police officer who was severely injured while defending the Capitol against insurrectionists on January 6th, 2021.

“Jim Jordan is an insurrectionist who has no place being second in line to the presidency. I witnessed the deadly assault on our democracy with my own eyes, which is why it absolutely disgusts me that extreme Republicans could choose an insurrectionist and election denier as their leader — someone who knew about January 6th ahead of time yet did nothing to stop it. This is a very dark time for our democracy and should serve as a wake up call to all Americans that we can never take our democracy for granted.”


About Courage for America

Courage For America is a campaign advised by a council of proud Americans speaking out against an extreme MAGA agenda that puts money and power over the rights and freedoms of the American people. The campaign is amplifying the voices of Americans in communities across the country — veterans, educators, faith leaders, and more — to demand the People’s House works for the people. courageforamerica.org