New Ad Slams MAGA Default on America Act for Cuts to Veterans’ Benefits and Law Enforcement

Ads To Run in 8 Republican House Districts

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Courage for America announced the launch of a new ad targeting the MAGA Default on America Act that will run in 8 Republican-held congressional districts across the country. The ad exposes the bill’s broad cuts to veterans’ benefits and law enforcement funding, which will impact everything from border patrol to the FBI to local police departments.

“Using the default crisis as leverage to slash law enforcement budgets — while continuing to claim to be pro-police — is pure hypocrisy,” said Officer Michael Fanone, former MPD officer and Courage for America council member. “This legislation would wreak havoc on the safety and financial security of our communities, seniors, veterans, and children. We should be tackling our nation’s debt by making billionaires and corporations that ship American jobs overseas pay their fair share, not gutting benefits.”

Watch the AZ-01 ad here.

The ad launch comes on the heels of Courage for America’s nationwide “Back Off Our Benefits” bus tour calling on Speaker McCarthy and other members of the House majority to stop using the default crisis as an excuse to threaten benefits. The ads will run in the following districts:

  • AZ-01: Rep. Schweikert
  • AZ-06: Rep. Ciscomani
  • CA-13: Rep. Duarte
  • NC-11: Rep. Edwards
  • NY-19: Rep. Molinaro
  • NY-22: Rep. Williams
  • NY-04: Rep. D’Esposito
  • VA-02: Rep. Kiggans

Full sample script of the AZ-01 ad, titled “Stop the Default on America Act” below: 

“Rather than keep our country strong,
The MAGA Republican Congress just voted
To defund the police, weaken border security, and slash veterans benefits.
They’d rather protect tax breaks for corporations
than our safety and wellbeing.”
Tell Representative Schweikert, (480) 946-2411, to stop supporting the Default on America Act. 

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