NEW POLL: Americans Aren’t Fooled; Survey Finds MAGA Republicans’ Big Lie Bill Is Unpopular

Navigator Research: “Americans reject Republican policies like banning mail-in voting, banning same-day voter registration, and reducing the number of public drop boxes for mail-in ballots.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — New polling from Navigator Research shows that Americans reject the anti-voting rights Big Lie Bill, also known as the ACE Act. On the other hand, there is vast support among Americans for the Freedom to Vote Act, House Democrats’ bill that would expand voting rights and protections.

“This recent polling from Navigator is clear: Americans reject the Big Lie Bill and want an open and accessible democracy free from partisan hurdles.” said José Morales, Jr., Courage for America Senior Campaign Director. “MAGA Republicans’ Big Lie Bill is a direct attempt to disenfranchise voters, specifically marginalized voters, and the American people resoundingly reject that proposition. Working Americans want voting systems that are more accessible, not more difficult. And when more people participate in our democracy, we are all better off.”

Navigator Research’s Key Findings:

  • The newly-introduced American Confidence in Elections (ACE) from congressional Republicans is already underwater among Americans, including among independents and people of color. 
  • By a 7-point margin, Americans oppose the ACE Act when described as a bill that would “ban same-day voter registration, ban universal mail-in voting, institute stricter voter ID laws for both mail and in-person voting, and reduce the number of public drop boxes for mail-in-ballots” (40 percent support – 47 percent oppose).
  • Conversely, the Freedom to Vote Act — voting rights legislation proposed by Democrats in 2021 and recently reintroduced in the House — earned support from more than three in five Americans in an October 2021 survey when described as “legislation that would establish national standards to protect Americans’ freedom to vote, require every state to have automatic voter registration, make Election Day a holiday, restore federal voting rights to formerly incarcerated Americans, and address ‘dark money’ in the electoral process, by modernizing and expanding federal campaign finance reforms” (net +35; 61 percent support – 26 percent oppose).

The complete survey from Navigator Research can be found here.

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