New Poll Finds House Republicans Vulnerable Post Default Fight

Majority of Swing Voters In 65 Battleground House Districts Say MAGA Republicans’ Vote For Default On America Act Makes Them “Less Favorable” 

59% Have “Major Concerns” About Members Who Voted For Cuts To Veterans, Education, Cancer Research

Poll Memo: “The biggest losers in the default fight, by far, are the House Republicans who will be running for reelection in districts won by President Biden…Speaker McCarthy forced his most vulnerable members to walk the plank in voting for this extreme MAGA legislation…”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — new polling memo released today by Courage for America, CAP Action, and House Majority PAC lays out how damaging McCarthy and MAGA Republicans’ Default on America Act will be for Republicans in key swing districts next year. The memo also highlights that the deal struck by President Biden and Democratic members gives Democratic members a valuable shield against spending attacks they could face during a reelection bid.

The poll, conducted by Hart Research across 65 House battleground districts, finds that 59 percent of voters say they have “major concerns” about House Republicans following their willingness to force massive cuts to healthcare, education, cancer research, and environmental projections or push the country into a major economic crisis. Additionally, 23 percent of voters who have plans to vote Republican in 2024 say the vote on the Default on America Act makes them less favorable to House Republicans. 

“Speaker McCarthy forced his most vulnerable members to walk the plank in voting for this extreme MAGA legislation, and then got almost none of it enacted into law,” pollster Geoff Garin lays out. “This is a vote that will come back to haunt Republican incumbents next year. Indeed, it would be political malpractice if Democratic campaigns did not hold Republicans accountable for supporting this dangerous and extreme legislation.”

The polling memo comes as Courage for America launches a new campaign to hold House Republicans accountable for their willingness to enact massive cuts or send the country into default. A digital ad by CFA began running earlier this week in four key districts, CA-13 (Duarte), VA-02 (Kiggans), NY-19 (Molinaro), and NY-22 (Williams), with additional efforts planned.

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