NEW TV Ad On Default Crisis: Congresswoman Jen Kiggans “Absolutely Broke Her Promise to Veterans”

Second VA-02 TV ad part of six figure buy calling out Rep. Kiggans (VA-02) for pushing for default unless Congress cuts veterans healthcare, law enforcement

Ad comes as Kiggans constituents travel to Capitol Hill for “Your Fault If We Default” Lobby Day

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Courage for America announced the launch of its second television ad in Virginia’s second Congressional district, which denounces Rep. Jennifer Kiggans (VA-02) for undermining key public safety measures and gutting veterans’ benefits by voting for McCarthy’s disastrous Default on America Act.

The ad features Maurice, a veteran of the United States Air Force and the son of a law enforcement officer, who calls on his fellow constituents of Rep. Kiggans to tell her that, “the safety of our communities is more important than tax cuts for billionaires.” The ad is the second ad from Courage for America featuring a veteran constituent of the Congresswoman calling out Kiggans’ craven political gamesmanship, which together represent a seven-figure ad buy by the organization.

Maurice and 30+ other constituents from VA-02, NY-19, NY-22, CA-13, and other Republican-held Congressional districts will join Courage for America in DC tomorrow, May 23rd, for a national “Your Fault if We Default” press conference and lobby day. Press can RSVP here for the Capitol Hill press conference at 11:30am ET.

“It is shameful that Congresswoman Kiggans is threatening a devastating default if she can’t ram through her extreme MAGA agenda that includes deep cuts to veterans’ health care, law enforcement, and more.” said Naveed Shah, Courage for America spokesperson and political director for Common Defense. “We should be targeting tax loopholes for the wealthy and big corporations that ship American jobs overseas, not those who serve our country with honor and keep our communities safe. Rep. Kiggans’ irresponsible actions and unreasonable demands make it clear: it will be MAGA’s fault if we default.”

To speak with a Courage for America spokesperson or learn more about coordinated efforts to hold the MAGA House accountable on the default crisis, please email [email protected].