No Labels “Unity Ticket” Will Put MAGA Back In the White House

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Courage For America council member and former vice-mayor of Phoenix, AZ, Peggy Bilsten, released the following statement in response to the political group “No Labels” announcing its intention to spend $70 million to run a third-party presidential candidate in the next election.

“Let’s be clear: No Labels is not a moderate group looking for bipartisan, common-sense solutions as they claim. Time and again they have proven to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, pushing policies and causes that promote MAGA extremism while pretending they are something much less dangerous. We most frequently see this when the organization advocates for cuts to essential programs like Social Security under the guise of fiscal responsibility.

“Now, we’re seeing it with their $70 million push to run a third-party candidate that will achieve one goal: returning MAGA extremism to the White House.

“We have already seen the chaos, danger, and extremism that has defined the MAGA-controlled House of Representatives’ agenda this session. We cannot afford to let this deeply unpopular and harmful agenda gain control of another branch of our government.”

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