Officer Fanone: McCarthy Releasing Jan 6 Footage to Tucker Carlson “Guarantees That It Will Be Selectively Edited To Fit an Extreme MAGA Narrative”

Tucker’s own legal team has said he is not a journalist; not “stating actual facts” on air

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Yesterday, Axios reported that Speaker McCarthy has granted pro-insurrectionist conspiracy theorist Tucker Carlson exclusive access to over forty thousand hours of Capitol surveillance footage from the January 6th insurrection. 

Officer Michael Fanone, a Courage for America council member and former MPD officer who sustained severe injuries defending the Capitol on Jan 6, issued the following statement in response: 

“Speaker McCarthy’s dangerous choice to gift the January 6 footage to Tucker Carlson guarantees that it will be selectively edited to fit an extreme MAGA narrative without care for the safety of Capitol Police, Members of Congress and Congressional staff. Airing footage of restricted areas of the Capitol and sensitive evacuation protocols, all while spreading misinformation about the nature of the attack, endangers everyone working in the building. 

“If he was truly interested in transparency, Speaker McCarthy would release the footage to all news outlets or continue the work of the January 6th committee, but this decision is proof he would prefer to weaponize it to score cheap political points. Tucker Carlson is not a journalist, he’s an entertainer peddling propaganda and conspiracy theories — but as someone who defended the Capitol on January 6th, there’s nothing entertaining at all to me about that day.”