Officer Michael Fanone and Sergeant Aquilino Gonell Denounce Supreme Court Ruling in Fischer v. U.S.

“This ruling might make it harder to hold some of President Trump’s lap dogs accountable, but I remain committed to doing so—and to stopping the threat of another insurrection in the future.”


WASHINGTON, D.C — Today, Courage for America Councilmembers Officer Michael Fanone and Sergeant Aquilino Gonell, both severely injured while defending the Capitol on January 6th, denounced the Supreme Court’s ruling in the case of Fischer v. United States. This ruling undermines the Department of Justice’s ability to hold January 6th insurrectionists fully accountable for attacking the U.S. Capitol and disrupting the peaceful certification of the 2020 election. This decision follows the lead of MAGA Republicans in the House who tried to overturn the 2020 election, minimized the events of January 6th, and continue threatening democracy and the rule of law.

“The MAGA forces in Congress are rejoicing at this Court’s misguided ruling. This decision sets a dangerous precedent for future political violence and invites another insurrection to take place. On January 6th, I suffered a traumatic brain injury and heart attack while defending the Capitol, and no amount of whitewashing from MAGA Republicans like Mike Johnson can erase that true history,” said Officer Fanone. “Despite this ruling, I remain committed to holding anyone threatening the sanctity of our elections accountable — and to stopping the threat of another insurrection in the future.”

“Today, the Court took Speaker Mike Johnson’s wish to use our federal government to minimize the insurrection and turned it into a dangerous reality. It is deeply disappointing to me that MAGA Republicans have gone to such horrible lengths to say they stand with law enforcement, but will not support the 140 of us who were injured on January 6th,” said Sergeant Gonell. “Despite how far the right leaning court and MAGA extremists will go to protect insurrectionists, we cannot back down from continuing our efforts to protect and secure our democracy and the sanctity of our Republic.”