ICYMI: Rep. Joe Morelle Calls Out House G.O.P.’s False, Dangerous Narrative Around Noncitizen Voting Legislation

“They’re going to, once again, challenge the results of the election and they need to have a reason.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, at 10:30am ET, the Republican-led House Administration Committee is holding a markup of their latest Big Lie Bill (H.R. 8281) that further fearmongers the false narrative of noncitizens voting in U.S. elections. It is an anti-democratic and xenophobic bill focused on an issue that is already illegal in federal elections. In a recent New York Times article, Rep. Joe Morelle, the Ranking Member of the House Administration Committee, pushed back against this false narrative from MAGA Republicans and called out their blatant attempt to sow doubt in this year’s election results. 

“‘They don’t ever bring any evidence of actual fraudulent efforts being made by non-U.S. citizens to vote in federal elections,’ said Representative Joseph D. Morelle of New York, the top Democrat on the Administration Committee. ‘So I think it’s pretty clear, pretty quickly, that this is all a pretext. They’re going to, once again, challenge the results of the election and they need to have a reason.’”

According to the article, “Nearly 40 percent of the adult voting population did not cast a ballot in the last presidential election, and Mr. Morelle argued that further roadblocks would only make it more difficult for Americans to participate. ‘It’s just another way of stopping people from voting,’ Mr. Morelle said of the G.O.P. legislation. ‘I mean, they just continue to suppress the ability of people to vote.’”

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