STATEMENT FROM SANTOS CONSTITUENT: Ethics Investigation Good Start, But McCarthy Must Call For Vote To Expel Santos

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the House Committee on Ethics announced that its members voted unanimously to establish a new subcommittee to investigate allegations made against Rep. George Santos (R-NY). 

Courage for America grassroots organizer and Santos constituent Casey Sabella released the following statement in response:

“While this is the correct move by the House Ethics Committee, we don’t need further investigations to prove that Santos lied about his resume while running for Congress and that he is unfit to represent us. Every day that Santos remains in office is a day that thousands of NY-03 constituents don’t have honest representation. McCarthy must put an end to this and immediately call for a vote to expel Santos.”

Additional Background:

Courage for America has worked alongside elected officials, faith leaders, small businesses, community organizations, and constituents to demand that Speaker McCarthy hold a vote to expel Santos from Congress — including busing a group of 50 Santos constituents to DC for a press conference and petition drop with Concerned Citizens of NY-03, protesting outside Santos’ district office in Queens, rallying on the steps of the Nassau County Courthouse, and organizing among small businesses in NY-03.

More than 1,000 constituents in NY-03 have also signed an open letter to Speaker McCarthy led by Courage for America urging Congress to investigate and vote to expel Santos.


About Courage for America

Courage For America is a campaign advised by a council of proud Americans speaking out against an extreme MAGA agenda that puts money and power over the rights and freedoms of the American people. The campaign is amplifying the voices of Americans in communities across the country — veterans, educators, faith leaders, and more — to demand the People’s House works for the people.