TODAY: Courage for America’s Bus Tour Hosts Press Conference in Harrisburg To Demand Rep. Perry Promise To “Back Off Our Benefits”

Advocates Ramp Up Pressure on MAGA Republicans Ahead of Potential Default Crisis and McCarthy’s 100th Day

HARRISBURG, PA — Today (4/11) at 10:30 AM EDT, as part of its nationwide “Back Off Our Benefits” bus tour, Courage for America will host a press conference with local advocates at the Pennsylvania State Capitol to call on Representative Perry to promise his constituents that he will not cut essential programs that Americans rely on — including Social Security, Medicare, and veterans’ benefits.

Constituents of Rep. Perry and advocates from The 99% Pennsylvania and Keystone Research Center will join Courage for America council members and allies to shine a light on how MAGA lawmakers’ political games are pushing the country toward a default crisis at the expense of American seniors, veterans, and children.

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  • WHO: 
    • Rev. Sandy Strauss, constituent and retiree
    • Maisum Murtaza, PA-10 constituent
    • Moises Montalvo, Army Veteran and Common Defense member
    • Chad Flannery, Common Defense Marine Veteran
    • Additional constituents and community leaders from PA-10
  • WHEN: TODAY (4/11) at 10:30 AM EDT (check-in begins at 10 AM EDT)
  • WHERE: Pennsylvania State Capitol at 560 Commonwealth Ave. Harrisburg, PA 17125

** B-ROLL AND PHOTO VISUAL: “Back Off Our Benefits” branded bus, signs being held by individuals; large “empty promise” placard; local community members speaking; campaign members wearing Courage for America t-shirts and sweatshirts **