VIDEO: Courage for America Bus Tour Stops in Harrisburg as Advocates Demand Rep. Perry “Back Off Our Benefits”

Advocates Ramp Up Pressure on MAGA Republicans Ahead of McCarthy’s 100th Day
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HARRISBURG, PA — Today, as part of its nationwide “Back Off Our Benefits” bus tour, Courage for America joined local advocates at the Pennsylvania State Capitol building to demand that Representative Scott Perry (PA-10) promise his constituents that he will not cut essential programs that Americans rely on ahead of the looming default deadline — including Social Security, Medicare, SNAP and veterans’ benefits.

Constituents of Rep. Perry joined advocates from The 99% Pennsylvania and Keystone Research Center to highlight how MAGA lawmakers’ political games are pushing the country towards a default crisis at the expense of American seniors, veterans, and children.

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(All images free for use with credit to Courage for America)




Here’s what speakers had to say about MAGA lawmakers’ extreme agenda:

Moises Montalvo, a U.S. Army veteran and Common Defense member:

  • “We’re here today calling on extreme members of the Republican Party—the Republican House majority specifically, including Rep. Scott Perry—to sign onto a promise that they must protect the essential benefits that Americans rely on and stop playing political games with the default crisis.”
  • “His own constituents asked Rep. Perry to join us here today to make that promise, but as you can see his signature is not there and he hasn’t even responded.”
  • “House Republicans, including Rep. Perry, are risking a major global economic crisis and personal crises all across this nation for millions of Americans to score political points.”

Rev. Sandy Strauss, an ordained Presbyterian minister, a PA-10 constituent, and retiree:

  • “[I’m here] to send a clear message to Rep. Scott Perry: Do not play games with our country’s economy and the benefits that millions of Americans—and thousands of your own constituents—depend on.”
  • Rep. Perry, I join my friends and colleagues here to say: do not hold our economy hostage. Sign the promise to constituents that I and others have sent to your office. It is your constituents and millions of other Americans who will pay the price if you fail to vote in favor of paying our nation’s bills and vote for cutting essential programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and veterans benefits. It’s time for you to stop prioritizing America’s wealthiest citizens and start prioritizing the health and welfare of the vast majority of Americans who paid their dues for decades.”

Maisum Murtaza, a PA-10 constituent:

  • “If elected officials like Scott Perry continue to go down the path of cutting benefits like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and other support programs, it has the potential to severely damage Pennsylvania’s economy right now, but also have long-term effects on the new generation of the workforce.”
  • Rep. Scott Perry needs to back off our benefits and protect the hard working Americans that have made this economy recover in the last few years, especially as we still recover from the COVID pandemic. I believe that cutting benefits would lead to huge long-term effects on the economic health of Pennsylvania.”

Harriet Ellenberger, a representative of the Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans:

  • “Scott Perry has a zero percent voting record on senior issues for the last two years. […] Congressman Perry: Just sign the promise, help the seniors and help the people in your district.”