VIDEO: Current, Former Law Enforcement Officials Blast MAGA Default Plan’s Cuts to Law Enforcement

Officer Fanone and NH-Sheriff Mark Brave Condemn McCarthy’s  Default Plan for Cuts to FBI, Border Patrol, and Local Police Funding

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Monday, April 24, Courage for America hosted a press call with former MPD officer Michael Fanone and Strafford County, NH Sheriff Mark Brave to discuss the implications of Speaker McCarthy’s default plan and its deep cuts to law enforcement and border security.

Speakers blasted McCarthy and MAGA Republicans for their plan’s cuts to the FBI, Border Patrol, and police departments and the hypocrisy of these cuts coming from a party that claims to support law enforcement.


Michael Fanone, former MPD officer injured defending the Capitol on Jan 6:

  • “Politicizing law enforcement, regardless of where it’s from, is wrong and I can’t think of anything more dangerous than doing just that.”

  • “This will affect every community in the United States. Pulling funding from federal partners affects local law enforcement. I could not have done my job investigating violent criminals and narcotics traffickers without those partnerships and without the dollars that they bring from the federal government.”

Sheriff Mark Brave, Strafford County, NH 

  • “This bill, which proposes 4.5 trillion dollars in cuts, is extreme and will hurt many people directly in my county, along with the law enforcement community, senior citizens, and our children. Anyone who votes for this legislation is voting to cut border security and law enforcement — it’s a bill to literally defund the police at its core and at all levels.”

  • “These cuts severely put law enforcement and the community we serve at greater risk, including […] law enforcement’s fight against human trafficking, drugs, and illegal firearms. The days of putting money and power over the rights and freedoms of the American people need to stop. I know here in Strafford County, in the Granite State, and in New England, we’re all tired of it and we want to continue to keep our communities safe.”

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