Peter Lucier

This is a portrait of Peter Lucier.

Peter Lucier

Peter Lucier is a law school graduate and Marine Corps veteran living in St. Louis, Missouri. He served as an infantry rifleman from 2008-2013, deploying to Cuba, Spain, Bahrain, and Afghanistan. After the Marine Corps, Peter worked as an oil rig roughneck, and private security guard, while completing his undergraduate degree, which he received from Montana State University in Bozeman. He taught high school English in St. Louis for a year as an Alumni Service Corps volunteer, before attending law school at Saint Louis University. He has written on veterans issues for The New York Times, Washington Post, Foreign Policy magazine, America magazine, and others. He serves on the Veteran Advisory Council for Everytown for Gun Safety. Since August 2021 he has worked with organizations seeking to assist in the safe relocation of at-risk Afghans, including Team America Relief, the Association of Wartime Allies, and AfghanEvac.

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