Your Fault if We Default – Lobby Day

In response to Secretary Janet Yellen’s warning that the United States could default on our debt for the first time in history as early as June 1st, we’re working to bring constituents from the districts represented by Republicans Marc Molinaro (NY-19), Jennifer Kiggans (VA-02), Brandon Williams (NY-22), and John Duarte (CA-13) to the Capitol on May 23, 2023 to call on their representatives to reject the MAGA extremist “Default on America” Act that puts money and power over Americans’ hard-earned benefits.

These so-called “moderate” Republicans are willing to hold America’s economy hostage unless there are deep cuts to education, veterans’ programs, and SNAP benefits, just to name a few. 

Preview Of The Day 

  • Lobbying Training – Lobby Day participants will participate in a lobbying training session, in which they will hear from lobbying professionals and campaign leaders about best practices when meeting with their Member of Congress. 
  • Meetings with your Member of Congress – Our team will work with you to schedule a meeting with the participating constituents’ Members of Congress. If they are unavailable we will work to coordinate a meeting with their staff.
  • Press Conference – Lobby Day participants will be able to hear from some of their fellow participants as well as from Congressional Leadership during a press conference outside the Nation’s Capitol.    
  • Press and Digital Engagement – Lobby Day participants will have the opportunity to be featured in our social media campaign as well as speak to the press about their involvement.


MAGA Default Plan, By the Numbers


Cuts Medicaid for 2 million people.


300,000 kids to lose access to Head Start and child care.


Cut veterans medical care – eliminating 30 million fewer outpatient visits.