Courage for America, Local Veterans Condemn Rep. Jen Kiggans’ Vote for Bill That Harms Active Military Members in VA-02

Kiggans proves willing to vote against her district and the military in order to appease MAGA extremist leadership


Washington, D.C. — Rep. Jen Kiggans (VA-02) revealed today that she voted for a bill that did not include funding to improve living conditions in Naval Air Station Oceana that are, in her own words, “pitiful.” Despite representing a district with five active military bases, Rep. Kiggans’ admission today underscores the fact that when push comes to shove, she is willing to go along with her party and their extreme cuts even when she knows it will directly hurt people in her district. 


“Congresswoman Kiggans’ admission today proves where her loyalties lie – and it’s not with the health and wellbeing of military personnel and veterans in her district,” said Maurice Hawkins, Air Force Veteran and constituent of Rep. Kiggans. “Congresswoman Kiggans knew this bill blatantly ignored the needs of VA-02 and she voted for it anyways – selling out active military members and their families just for a pat on the back from Speaker McCarthy and his MAGA contingent. We deserve a leader who is willing to stand up for her constituents, even if it means pushing back against her own party, not another MAGA puppet willing to sell us out time and time again.”


Background information:


  • On July 27, Congresswoman Kiggans voted for the Military Construction-Veterans Affairs appropriations package that did not include funding to improve living conditions in Naval Air Station Oceana.
  • Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District has five military bases within the district, making it one of the nation’s top districts in terms of active military and veteran density.
  • Only 49% of unaccompanied sailor housing on Oceana base is considered “livable.”
  • This reflects a pattern of behavior of Congresswoman Kiggans voting for legislation that diametrically opposed the interests of her district. In April, she went on the House floor calling on leadership not to repeal clean energy tax credits that benefit her district  but when they refused, she voted for the MAGA Extremists’ Default on America Act anyway.
  • Courage for America ran a seven-figure campaign in May, including two television ads, to hold Rep. Kiggans accountable for voting  to force cuts to benefits for veterans. Click here to watch the first ad and click here to watch the second ad.


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